Get Started

My adventures started when I got a hand sander for Christmas (the only thing I asked for!). I've been slowly building my "tool box" to make my projects possible. You can see what I use below, and even buy one for yourself from amazon (just click on the picture). Prices are always changing, but amazon often beats out Home Depot or Lowes.

{Hand Sander}
I love my sander. It is what started it all. It is amazing how much you can do with just a hand sander.

{Sand Paper}
This is my favorite brand of sandpaper. It really does last longer than other kinds. I use the 80 grit when I need to get down, dirty, and serious (usually when I've gotten fed up with some seemingly untouchable surface). The 120 grit is a staple; this is usually what I start with. The 220 is the finisher, leaving a smooth, prepared surface behind. All that sounds like a lot of sandpaper... but that is what is nice about this kind of sandpaper, you can use it over and over again; it lasts a long time!

{Miter Saw / Chop Saw}
The day I got my miter saw is currently holds a position in the "best 10 days of my life" list. Oh the things you can do with a chop saw. Of course Home Depot or Lowes can cut things for you, but they will only do it if you are buying material from them. Since I frequent Craigslist for materials (to save money), I needed a way to make cuts at home. Plus it is such a time saver!

I prefer a corded drill (I know many would shriek at the thought). But since my projects are relatively isolated in location (I'm not building a house from scratch!) I don't need the mobility that a battery powered drill gives. But, I do like that with a corded drill I do not have to worry about charging batteries, bringing backup batteries around, buying batteries when they wear out (they ain't cheap!), or loosing power in the middle of a project. Battery drills are cool too, it's all in what you need.

{Bits / Countersink Bits}
What can I say? You need 'em! Me and 1/8"? Yeah, we're tight.

{Liquid Sander}
Man what a life saver! There have been so many projects that have required the wonderfulness of liquid sander. You know those places you just can't sand? Well now you can.

Obviously a hammer is a basic tool. It is also one that is all about preferences. I prefer a smooth headed hammer, so I do not leave marks on what I'm hammering.

{Stud Finder}
I like that this stud finder also has an electricity "sniffer". I'd hate to ever go through something I shouldn't!

{A GOOD Vacuum}
A splinter to a bare foot is torment from Dante's Inferno for my husband. To clean up quick and to be confident it is clean I have to use a great vacuum. The Eureka Boss is (at least used to be) a consumer best buy. You can't get more suction for the price. I also prefer bagged (another shriek from those who love battery powered drills!). I do not mind getting the bags (especially if you watch amazon closely you can get them for next to free). I do mind cleaning out the nasty plastic bin of a bagless vacuum, plus I'm convinced bagged vacuums have more suction.