Sunday, June 9, 2013

Baby Nursery Dreaming

So we are coming up on A LOT of changes around here. Chris is graduating, we are moving, and we are having a BABY! Its all very exciting, and overwhelming.... and I think it all might kill me. But it is still fun right? Well this morning I decided to have a little fun dreaming about our little baby boy. People keep asking me what I am going to do for the nursery, and honestly, I've put more thought into what kind of jogging stroller I want than how I am going to decorate. So I thought I might could dream a little in that area. Here's what I came up with. I love a warm turqoise-y blue. I love jungle animals (especially giraffes). And I have to admit, I like the chevron. I'm one of those chevron people right now I guess.

Good thing is, I think I've just come up with some really fun DIY ideas.
But first... I have to finish the bathroom....


  1. I love the nursery idea and colors! Looks like a very comfy spot for little CWK!

  2. I LOVE your nursery colors..very similar to mine. Can you tell me some of the sites you used to find the crib bedding, chair and pillows?? I'd really appreciate it.
    Wenona Or

  3. The crib set is called:
    Sweet Jojo Designs Zig Zag Turquoise and Gray Collection
    Looks like a few people sell it.

    The glider is from:
    But I didn't get that one... reviews didn't look all that awesome for it. I got a glider from "best furniture" and hopefully ordered about the same color. It hasn't come in yet.

    One of the pillows is from:
    Didn't notice they were from the same website. I am thinking I will just make my own... one of these days :)

    The other pillow I photoshopped. Also planning on making it myself.

  4. I found this arrangement on pinterest - I am trying to style our nursery with similar items. Wondering what you used as window treatments? I have 2 windows in our nursery.