Friday, March 25, 2011

Beach-Y Peach-Y Window

The bathroom has been under constant "decking-out-ness" since these pictures were taken... but lets take a moment to enjoy the two days that the window shelf was done. I was waiting to show you until I filled my apothecary jars... but can we talk about how no one has sea-glass blue bath salt? I mean come on, there have got to be tons of people looking for a great deal on sea-glass blue bath salt... tons.

So here's the before. The studs locations {as well as where I eventually want to hang my towels} determined where the beach-y window shelf would go. I stud-findered those babies out and got to work with my dry-wall knife. By the way, Chris had no idea what I was up to while he was at work.
 Next blocking had to be put in. The studs only run vertically, so to have the shelf actually sit on more than just sheet rock, we {Chris was home for this part} put some leftover 2x4's in and "toe screwed" them in {similar to "toe-nailed", but with screws... yes I did just make that up}.  
The back of the shelf was the inside of the sheetrock of the kitchen wall. Yep, we needed to do something back there. I got a smaller panel of bead board because it was thicker than the larger panels. Plus I didn't need that much. So there's for solidifying the back of that wall. That still made me nervous, I mean, what if i punched the back of that shelf hard enough, my fist would totally make it through into the kitchen! Then I had to remind myself, if I was strong enough to punch through 1/8 inch beadboard and 5/8" sheetrock... then I could punch through any wall in our place.
Next goes up the trim around the outside. I have been loving having tons of left over molding I can dream up fun things like this to do with.
The plan was to use these super cute hooks as towel hooks under the window shelf. Then during the "hooking them to the wood" part they totally fell apart {see pic below}. Don't worry, I got my money back. I won't trust crystal knobs from craft stores anytime soon. 
I've found a really super, dooper, thrifty, awesome, blow your mind away, substitute, but I'm waiting to finish what else we've got going on in the bathroom first. So here's for enjoying those two days of a clean bathroom... sigh.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Board & Batten = Ground Zero to Hero

Wow... how did we ever live with that office? Anyone remember my lofty dreams for that dump? {Chris often called it "ground zeor"} Well, it is looking a lot better than it used to... whew. 
I can't say how much I love having trimmed out windows {can we talk about how NO windows in our place were trimmed out? Minus the sill?}. I did this board and batten, and trimmed out window, just like I did here in the bedroom.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I just gotta say...

I just started my new job this week, and look what my wonderful husband had delivered to my new office. I'm one lucky gal.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A "Hole" Lotta Fun

Wow, so if I have any friends left, here's a small bit of what we've been up to. First off {to explain my absence} I had a life altering job switch. And since we've been celebrating the incredibly closer to home new job {maybe wayyy too much, but hey it's a big deal okay} I haven't gotten to finishing any projects. Just because I haven't finished any doesn't mean I haven't started maybe 2 or 3.... or 6....

One day, when I had a couple hours before Chris got home from work, I got itchy for my drywall knife. I went to town in the bathroom, cutting a giant hole. Chris got to find out about it when he got home. 

I tried to make up for it using liquid nails to proclaim my love. If you can't tell, that's kinda a fake smile... I guess liquid nails isn't a good way to tell your spouse you love them! 
I won't get technical until I get it finished, and I'll post a real post. Just thought I'd let anyone who was worried about my earthly existence know that, no, I am not dead.
p.s. don't my Tai Pan birds look comfy in their {maybe} soon to be home?

p.p.s Chris came up with the post name, he might have said it a little sarcastically... but I'm pretending he didn't and using it anyways.