Saturday, November 13, 2010

DIY - Coat Rack

The inspiration for the coat rack really came from having my husbands comment in the back of my mind while taking a trip to D.I. 

1. Admit you have a problem. 
I wasn't planning on changing the coat rack, until my husband pointed out we had 3 coats to each hook. "It would be nice to have a bigger one" he said. I don't think he knew what he had gotten  himself into.

2. Find a new backboard. 
On a regular trip to D.I. I saw this treasure with all the bed materials. I think it was supposed to be part of a head or footboard at one point.

3. Get the back piece wall hanging worthy
The top "cap" piece overhang both sides. I ripped the piece off using a hatchet as a wedge and hammering like crazy. Once I got the piece off I sanded both pieces down and re-attached the cap piece flush with the back of the board.
4. Salvage old hooks and find ones to add.
I ripped off our old "whimpy" coat rack and took each hook off (careful not to loose any hardware). I figured it would be hard to try to find perfectly matching hooks, so I didn't even try. I went to Porter's craft store and found totally romping hooks. They were $5 a piece, except they were %50 off!
5. Figure out placement.
The hooks I salvaged mounted from the back, so I had to mount them before putting up the coat rack. I mounted the white ones later. I put the end hooks " from the edge, then divided the space in between into equal parts. After drilling the holes for the salvaged hooks, I painted one coat of black paint where they were going to be mounted to make it easier on myself later.

5. Mount.
Since I mounted this bad boy by myself (it is not the lightest) I had to get 2 screws ready to go. I found the 2 studs I wanted to mount onto first and figured where to start my 2 screws.  I pre-drilled, then put the screw in far enough with about 1/8" sticking out the back (to help me keep the board still while I tried to hold it up and drill at the same time). 

P.S. make sure the screws you use are long enough to go through the board, the 5/8" gypsum board, and into the stud.

5. Place the new hooks and finish.
I placed the white hooks slightly higher than the salvaged hooks- there were just too many in a line with all of them on the same level. I filled & sanded all the holes left over from mounting with puddy and painted it black. Now all I need is some more coats and something cute to put on the top shelf!

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  1. okay...the truth? i love this!!! the best idea ever.. awesome.. wish i had thought of it reminds me of going to camp and the beautiful long coat rack they had up by the door... with places below for wet and snowy shoes to dry and colorful scarfs and mittens stuck on some of the hooks to dry among the coats...awesome memories.. you are magic!!