Saturday, October 30, 2010

Want a fun Halloween Decoration? I had a left-over piece of wood and thought it could be something more than firewood or an addition to the dumpster. So I made a super cute Halloween sign.

It would probably help to print off the original appliqué so you have a reference. Find it HERE at Poppies at Play.
I did my background a little different, putting hints of filigree here and there.
Go to town on the fonts. I started from the bottom and moved up. Fitting phrases into each other as I went. Don't worry about putting phrases exactly where the appliqué has them. Use your intuition and fit them to your sign. Do keep in mind where bolder fonts go, you don't want them all on one side. 
Some fonts are harder than others. For large fonts I outlined them first (to make sure they'd look okay) and then filled in the rest.

Don't worry if you mess up, just have some of your background paint ready to do touch ups. I messed up on 3 letters, wiped them the best I could while they were wet, and then touched them up with background paint. Can you tell?
I might drill 2 holes in it and hang it on the front door with the patina ribbon. But for now it sits with some sticks I gathered from outside.

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