Thursday, March 3, 2011

A "Hole" Lotta Fun

Wow, so if I have any friends left, here's a small bit of what we've been up to. First off {to explain my absence} I had a life altering job switch. And since we've been celebrating the incredibly closer to home new job {maybe wayyy too much, but hey it's a big deal okay} I haven't gotten to finishing any projects. Just because I haven't finished any doesn't mean I haven't started maybe 2 or 3.... or 6....

One day, when I had a couple hours before Chris got home from work, I got itchy for my drywall knife. I went to town in the bathroom, cutting a giant hole. Chris got to find out about it when he got home. 

I tried to make up for it using liquid nails to proclaim my love. If you can't tell, that's kinda a fake smile... I guess liquid nails isn't a good way to tell your spouse you love them! 
I won't get technical until I get it finished, and I'll post a real post. Just thought I'd let anyone who was worried about my earthly existence know that, no, I am not dead.
p.s. don't my Tai Pan birds look comfy in their {maybe} soon to be home?

p.p.s Chris came up with the post name, he might have said it a little sarcastically... but I'm pretending he didn't and using it anyways.

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