Monday, April 25, 2011


Lots of things have been going on ova here, but sadly, we've been having blog issues. Blogger = hates my pictures right now. But I did get this sucka on today. It's a good sneak peak of what's been going down. This would be my enslaved helper Emilee, who's been staying with us for the last couple weeks. 

"Oh how nice of us to let her stay for free" you say? Nope, she paid in DIY slaving! Not only did she have to help me with my projects... but also had to, "hold still" while I took pictures. You can't see her toes right now... but she is pretty much on her tiptoes, on one foot, on the very edge of the tub. Downside to not being tall? It's hard to hold up barnwood for extended periods of time.

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