Saturday, June 16, 2012

Microwave Fail

Our microwave started making really cool lightening storms a few weeks ago. So we thought we'd better stop using it pronto. We waited until the memorial day sales and ordered one for $50 off. Our neighbors were kind enough to let us use one they had sitting around while we were avoiding any more interior lightening strikes. It is nice to have the loaner, but I couldn't wait to replace the old one with a new one.
The loaner takes up most of the little counter space we have in the kitchen.

Our new microwave just barely fit width-wise, but sticks out the front less {bonus}. Bad news was, the bolt accepter in the top of the new microwave broke and fell inside the microwave, with a bolt still in it. The bolt then spun freely and wouldn't even back out. 
So for a day, we had 3 microwaves in our kitchen. One that worked, one that was stuck in the cabinet, and the old one holding up the broken one. Sad day.  Luckily we know some farmers and borrowed some bolt cutters. That took care of our brand new broken microwave. I took it back and ordered the exact same one. The reviews on the microwave were great, so I think the bolt accepter was a fluke... or at least I hope. For now, we still are using "Darth Vader" who has claimed almost all our counter space. Hopefully "Luke" {the new microwave} makes it here this week.

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