Sunday, May 12, 2013

Changes and Spring Flowers

Well we are back. And we need to get our place ready to rent/sell. Since Chris is almost done with school it's time to face the inevitable... moving. Yuck. Plus I've really come to love our home. It will be hard to go. But getting past the mooshy stuff. I came home from work one day to find a surprise project by Chris. (I've surprised him multiple times... see here). But this was my first surprise. We knew it had to be done. I just hadn't started it. And what is it? The bathroom paneling and beams.

They are gone. I came home one day and Chris had already ripped it out. Which is great, because it needed to be done. I wish I could have gotten some pictures to show you why the paneling had to come out. Two words: the seams. It looked great when I first put it in, but with the heat and the moisture, those panels took a beating. So goodby panels and beams. Chris was happy to see them go.
We are now working on sanding off all the liquid nails (yuck, it takes forever). But it beats re-doing the gypsum board! We ditched the hand sanding and got the palm sander out quick.

Since our house is now a mess, and it is officially BE-A-UTIFUL outside, we obviously needed some happy flowers in the mix. Chris took me to my favorite nursery to pick out flowers for Mother's day. I have to say... that is one of my favorite activities of the year. I LOVE picking flowers out of the nursery. We are going to go broke if I ever get enough room to plant more flowers.

I tried to leave my flowers more room to grow than last year. I squished them in just a little too much. The little celosias (brain flowers) didn't make it. Oh... and do you notice the awesome cattle branding iron? That was a Christmas gift from Chris's grandmother. Bomb right? I love it. It doesn't have so much of a happy home here, but eventually we will find a good place for it.

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