Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tile Me.

I'd like to play "do-it-yourself home remodeling" checkers... where instead of "King Me", you get to say, "Tile Me". I've been on the lookout for good and cheap tile for a while, and found some good deals, but none that are great. Even if I did, I'm scared about tackling this project... how do you live while you are remodeling your only bathroom?

We have done some updates in the bathroom... like put up an above toilet cabinet, changed the horrendous light fixture, and I've framed the mirror {long story, you'll get to hear about it later}

What i'm hoping to do is tile... everywhere, make some little alcoves, and do something with the vanity. But for now, I'm on the lookout for materials to do it for a reasonable price. So in the mean-time I sketched up what I see when I walk into the bathroom.

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