Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Coming Along...

We have family coming in town and with our old dresser sold... well our house is rather a mess. Who knew missing one dresser could destroy so much? So I've been frantically trying to finish this one. I've been so excited how the stain is turning out.
Yes. The middle drawers are still missing, currently they are sitting outside letting the stain "cure" before I minwax them. They were a joy to sand since I had to do most of them by hand {sarcastic voice). Tomorrow {hopefully} I get all the drawers in and we can put our lives back together. It'll be a little, I think, before I find what pulls I want to get {since the old ones don't really go now}.

Can we all agree that the awesome rugged-ish wood dresser looks way better than the orange-fantastic dresser? I think so.

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