Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I might be in trouble

So... Chris has been out in the wilderness on a school trip. He doesn't have any phone service, or any way to talk to me. I think this is a bad position for me to be in. With no Chris after work I got itchy for a project. Chris has no idea what I've been doing. I decided to declare war on my oak cabinets. It won't be the first time he'll come home to a surprise in progress. I think he first caught me in the kitchen painting a wall cranberry red. Then he caught me tearing a hole in the wall in the bathroom. Those were probably the biggest surprises so far. This one will top them both.

Refinishing cabinets is not exactly the quickest or easiest of projects. Especially now that I've decided that paint isn't for me, I just can't go from a wood to a painted wood. I know everyone does it. Has anyone noticed that EVERYONE paints their cabinets white? It looks great in all their pictures and all... but I just cant get myself to do it. (I've thought about it) but I've decided that I'm a stain kinda gal. I like my wood lookin like good lookin wood. My problem is, my wood isn't good lookin!

I've also looked into gel stains, which would make my sanding job way easier. But gel stains just don't come in the color I'm looking for. Anyone notice that EVERYONE who uses gel stains goes with a "java" color? Too dark for me. Reminds me of the dark wood trim that super old and dated houses have.

So I'm going with the most difficult option. Good old fashioned oil-based stain. That equals Sommer doing a TON of sanding. I'll have to get every stinking last fleck of existing stain off my cabinets before I can re-stain them. But I decided if I'm gonna do it, I've got to do it right.
I headed to a store that sells unfinished wood furniture. They have an awesome selection of wood stains, along with samples of what each stain looks like on different types of wood. (something you just cant tell from a computer printed brochure or off the side of a can). This crazy-cute old lady sold me an open can of the stain I thought I wanted (for $2!) and I took it home to try it out. I'm not sold on it. I think I'm looking for something more grey. I'll have to go back in and get another can. In the meantime I've been sanding.

And sanding... and sanding... and sanding like crazy. The worst part is, I have to do a lot of the sanding by hand. I can only do the flat portions with my handsander.

So not only do my projects get outta control when Chris is gone, but so does my hair, clothing, and apparently my face.  
One done... like a bagillian to go. I'm starting with the bathroom cabinet, so if I screw up royaly at least it won't be so bad right? Whew, I'm not sure what Chris will think when he sees what I've gotten us into. This is going to be one VERY LONG project!


  1. Wow, Sommer! Looks like quite the project; can't wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Hi! I love the cranberry wall color...would you mind sharing the brand and color name? Thank you!