Monday, July 15, 2013

VICTORY-Take that orange oak!

This battle has been going on for WAY too long. Here's when it all started. Chris shouldn't leave me alone. I get myself into trouble. So here's the progression:
You wouldn't believe the time and events that passed in between those three pictures. We had an internship in Nevada, signed a lease with renters, got through semesters of school, switched jobs, got pregnant... and I'm sure other things that I've forgotten at this moment.
One reason it took so long was trying to find the right color of stain. I had to have tried over 10 stains, like the ones above. My biggest problem was those dang sample pieces. They look great, but that's not how the stain looks on my door! There were so many that looked just like the stain I had just spent forever sanding off. So finally, my favoritest most favoritest Sherwin Williams told me they'd make me a custom stain that looked like the sample that I wanted it to look like when applied to my door. So I left the door overnight and they custom made me the perfect stain, for no extra cost. Heart Sherwin Williams.

So after picking up the door and the stain I prepared for the final battle. And Chris thought it would be funny to take a million pictures of me coming to get the camera. He got the "eye" after the smiley picture.

So I made him help me with the final sanding off of the yucky stains.
The cabinet only needed one coat of stain, and took 3 coats of polyeurothane (with sanding in between 220 grit). So the whole process took a couple of days. But I'm so happy with the result.

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