Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Barnwood/Beachwood Beams

So the barnwood/beachwood beams aren't really a surprise, since I've been sharing glimpses of them for... oh, a while now... here, here, here, herehere, and here.

But, they are pretty sweet. So let's take a moment and take it all in.
First I bribed my sister to come over and help sand. I can't remember what the bribe was... but it probably had something to do with free washer/dryer and food. Look at her sanding like a pro. She isn't sanding the barnwood a ton, just enough to make it smooth, like beachwood "wood" be {good one, I know}.
Next, I enslaved my sister's old roommate. She was staying with us for a couple weeks before taking a school trip. So I told her that in order to remain sleeping in the office on an air mattress, instead of sleeping in the tub, she had to help me put up the beachwood beams. She was just barely tall enough.
Obviously I put paneling up before I put the beachwood up, but that is another story... let's move on.
I ran a little "driftwood" stain over the wood to unify all the pieces. 
Pretty slick huh? I'm loving my beach {cottage-y} themed bathroom.

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