Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beachy-Tray Love

I loved this little tray from TJ Maxx. I couldn't help but get it {even though it was $12}. But when I got it home, it didn't really fit anywhere in my beachy bathroom. So I decided to make my own {for less money - boo yah!}. I'm going to throw a little "I'm so awesome" love out there as well, Roeshel from TheDIYShowOff also loved this tray. As seen here in this picture:

Beautiful wood right?! De-Nailing kinda sucks with the ol' barnwood, but it is so worth it to have the awesome weathered look. 
I actually took a hand sander to the beautiful wood {please don't hurt me barnwood lovers!}. But I'm going for the beach-y weathered look, not the rustic farm look. Also if I'm going to be putting towels in the thing I don't want slivers to get all up in my towels! I also polycrylic'ed the inside.
The rope is wired on there {thats how the TJ Maxx was done too, just so you know}. It takes more rope than you expect to make a handle, so get plenty. I need about 6 feet just for 4 handles. It took me about 4 different stores to find the rope, ditch the craft stores for huge manly rope and go to a ranch/farm store.
I have a couple more to go under the vanity.... but they are waiting on the final decision on what the vanity is going to do before I finish them. So for less than I bought 1 little tray for, I will have 3 good storage bins. And they are sooo cute! At least I think so.
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  1. I agree. They are very cute. Good job.
    Smiles, Alice