Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Floral Fun

I have a wonderful husband. For Valentines he sent me flowers at work. The flowers lasted quite a while, since I trimmed off the dead flowers, and new flowers kept blooming. I loved my arrangement (and so did my work since it smelled so nice). Chris has sent me flowers before, and I love to keep the vases. But I wanted to try to recreate this one. I recreated one arrangement he sent me a long time ago, and I've loved having the reminder around.
What is nice about recreating an arrangement, is you can reuse a stuff. I already had the little wood box to put it all in. And I had the cool twisty sticks. I got the flowers from Michaels   because they really have the best selection around here, plus they were having a 40% off select fake flowers.

So here is the actual arrangement sitting on my desk at work.
I filled the box with the green foam and started putting the sticks from the arrangement in. I had a picture up of the original and tried to copy it as much as I could.

Next came the snowball-ish flower, and some berry things.
The asian lilies were the most fun. I trimmed off most of the leaves from them since the original's leaves had been trimmed, but also to use as the ground cover greenery to cover the green foam.
Didn't turn out too shabby huh? I really do love it when Chris sends me flowers, and it is fun to keep a remembrance of it around. Here's the first arrangement that I recreated:
My creation sits on my night stand. The orchids are quite a bit larger than the original's... but I still like them.

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  1. Oooh, your silk floral arrangements turned out beautifully!