Monday, March 12, 2012

Office {Snail Pace Style}

Things move a little slow around here. I just got to painting the crown molding in the office. The trim has been up for, oh, about a year. I had to get lots lots of trim up quick since our hallway looked like this:
But I didn't get around to finishing out the crown in the office till just the other day. {The bedroom crown is yet to be finished}. Even though the office progression has been slow, it has come a long way.
Since then we've put in:

I got the crown molding for a super good deal off of craigslist. {see what else I got here}
Here I am painting. I don't use tape, because, even though it takes longer, doing it free hand really does a better job. Tape never seems to really leave a straight edge. And, oh yeah, those are my pajama jeans. Just FYI. They're pretty bomb.
I like our photo wall, even though not every picture/painting is perfect. But it's fun to have things up that we've made, and things that are important to us.
I still can't get over how much I love my Aslan.
You know, something I learned with this project? I love Durham Rock Hard Putty. No joke, I'm never going back to normal putty again.
Fun stuff. I'm really relieved the crown is finally finished in here. Now I just have the bedroom.... dun dun dun!

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