Sunday, May 27, 2012

I killed them

I didn't use to be a plant killer. In fact, I used to be the plant whisperer. But ever since I married Chris I lost my edge for it. And now I'm lucky just to keep my plants alive. My potted plants from last year can not be counted along with the lucky ones. Well maybe except for one...
I think this plant should bring some pretty purple flowers, if it truly is a surviving plant from last year. The rest of the little green sprouts are forget me nots seeds that I planted. I've been enjoying watching them come up, but my pots still looked a little too sad for spring.

Those dead looking sticks are actually green on the inside, so I didn't pull them out with the rest of the dead plants. But after weeks of watering them and seeing nothing but dead looking sticks I was ready to see them go. I got a coupon in the mail for free flowers from a local nursery. So I thought I'd go take a look. I came back with 2 free flowers, and 3 flowers that I bought. I've decided I love nurseries. 

First I had to take out the dead looking sticks, but if you look close you can see that a couple forget me nots came with them. Since I've turned into such a plant killer, I can't hardly stand purposefully ruining the chances of a little plant, so I carefully relocated many forget me nots.
I hope I can keep all of these alive through the Summer!

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