Monday, August 1, 2011

Starting w/ the Pots

This past weekend we visited family before they move to the other side of the Earth {literally}. Chris's parents are moving from Mexico and this last weekend was the last time we got to see his Mother and Sister for a while. They flew out of Utah this morning. 

Lucky me, I have to be one of the most spoiled bonus daughters {or daughter-in-law} in the world. 
This is going to be the first post of the newly instated 8 days of Summer holiday. Since we are still getting the place back together from the wonderful weekend I'm choosing not to put up pictures of everything... until we get it livable.

So here it goes. Day 1: Starting with the pots
{I was Mr. Potts from Beauty and the Beast in my high school French play... it was really hard not to put up a picture of how dang cute I looked}
Here are 2 of the terracotta pots right when we got back and unpacked them. Today we went and picked up plants for CHEAP. Flowers mostly aren't blooming anymore, but I picked out some perennials that will {hopefully} bring some beautiful blossoms next year.
Now is definitely the time to buy perennials. I spent under $10 and got 7 plants. Let's just hope I don't kill them before next spring!