Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mirror Magic gone Awry

First, I have to confess... I had to call my mother to figure out how to spell "awry". But I needed the word. What else could explain such a simple & smooth project {not to mention cheap} going so totally off the wire.
Our bathroom came with a nice, big, plain mirror. It needed some loving. And while I have lots of trim laying around {literally- you can see it there lying in the hall} I might as well have it be doing some good, other than giving us stubbed toes. 
So I chose 3 different trims that I put together to make a "bomb-dig" frame for our mirror. I'm going to let you make up the story of how it happened... but here I'll provide the pictures. {Just so you know, no blood was spilled during the destruction of the mirror} 

We only lived with the table top mirror for a couple of days. Thats all we could handle. Have you ever lost a giant mirror in a small room? Makes you claustrophobic! So I called around to a couple glass shops and got the best price on a new mirror. Don't buy mirrors from a store if you're planning on framing it yourself... its so much cheaper from a glass shop.
The new frame is liquid nailed up, so I didn't have to work around any of the little plastic holders. I was very careful framing the new mirror {I think I would have given up if I broke the mirror twice}.
I had to work on the corners of the frame a bit. My husband {rightfully} gets on my case for painting before it's ready. So I had to sand off a layer of paint to work on the corners... Putty is becoming my new best friend, slowly.
It's coming along, but it's not quite finished yet. One day I'll be able to take off that blue tape.


  1. oh man! I love the finished product though!!

  2. We're loving it too. I can't wait until it's really done, then we'll really love it!