Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I broke a nail!

Like literally people. Going to the gym everyday is really paying off. First you have to hear the whole story....
So one day I saw this picture:

and I thought to myself, "me-likey!". So I started thinking Beach for the bathroom. Not like that is an original thought {I'm pretty sure lots of people do it}. But I like the feel of beach cottage. So we're going with it.

First things first in "decking-out" style you must usually start off by destroying something, making a giant mess, and forgetting to tell your husband until you're about 1/2 way done with the demolition part. That happened here and here when I built the Beachy-Peachy Window.

My main problem in building the Beachy-Peachy Window was that I wanted to hang towels from the bottom trim piece. When my awesomely-sucky crystal knobs fell apart, I figured I could work it out later and finish up the window so we could enjoy not walking all over wood scraps and tools in the bathroom. So what's the problem? I didn't put in any backing for the towel hooks.
So now that I've found my replacement crystal knobs how am I going to put them in? Of course in "decking-out" style with lots of tearing apart and making a mess. By this time I've got things going all up and around the Beachy-Peachy Window. So getting back in behind the Towel Hook trim board was a little tricky. First I cut a big hole in the wall {surprise surprise} The original towel bar's backing was right in my way... like right there. So I used a hack saw and cut it into 3 pieces, then used pliers to rip out the blocking that was secured by the worlds most manliest nails. {p.s. I had to do this twice, on either side of the center stud}.
Thats when it happened. I was going at the stupid blocking for all I was worth {also being careful not to disturb the peaceful surroundings I stupidly put in before addressing the issue of towel hooks}when I totally obliterated one of those manly nails. Broke it right in half. I'll show you I'm made out of metal.
So in the end, I got the old blocking out. Tah-dah! Ready for newer, badder blocking.

 Not like you can really see it... but that little 1/2" of board you see sticking down there, that's the bottom of a 2x12. That sucker goes all the way up behind the towel hook trim board. The old blocking was only 2x4's and way too low for my Beachy-Peachy Window trim.
And so ends the story of when I found out how awesomely strong I am. We've hit another road block in the crystal knobs... we'll see if that gets solved this weekend... till then, we have another hole in our wall.

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  1. You are a brave woman! Bravo! Can't wait to see another incredible finished project!