Sunday, August 21, 2011

{almost) Free Picture Frames

We had some cute {largish} pictures of us in our dining room. They were just in poster frames from wallymart, since we used them at our reception and didn't plan to use them on our walls at home. They were taken down and replaced by the tribute to the wonderful kitchen that I love. There's something that eats at you inside when you take down pictures that represent how much you love each other and replace them with a Paula Deen inspired painting.
Of course I saved the pictures and wanted to hang them elsewhere in our home. But I couldn't get myself to do it in those nasty poster frames. So with some leftover trim {the last of it} I made 2 frames. All I had to buy was a couple bucks in hardware: corner brackets and sawtooth hangers.
They're getting put into the photo wall that is growing above our computer desks.

You can also see my Mayan's predecessor painting up in the collection. Along with my framed degree, Chris's mission picture, his snowboard tribute painting, a couple blank spots that need filled, a decor frame from Ikea {that needs taken apart and our own pictures inserted}, and a frame with broken glass {you can't really see it in the picture}.
Oh, and I should mention. My wonderful husband installed the large {second} computer monitor above my desk just last week. I am loving it.

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  1. Note: Sommer gets a dual screened power computer and I rock the laptop. What a lucky girl!