Friday, August 5, 2011

My "Snob" Story

Day 5: Pepper Shakers and Onyx Bowls
I have to let you in on a story before I show you my next prizes from Mexico. About a year ago, I got a rocking graduation present. We got to visit Chris's parents in Mexico. We spent plenty of time in little markets where all the girls were in heaven, and the boys put on a great face. {see Chris's below}
I was on a mission to find the perfect butter dish. Chris often feels like he doesn't have ligit say in decisions about the house or what goes in it. So I asked him what one thing he would like to see in a butter dish. He simply asked that we get a small one... Well it only took me half a day in the market to find the butter dish I couldn't live without. It was easily the largest butter dish in the market... or maybe even in all of Mexico City...
Call me a snob, I had to have it. Good thing I have an awesome husband who loves me enough to take me with my butter dishes.
For a {totally bomb-dig} surprise, Chris's mom got me matching salt and pepper shakers. I wish I could say "CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!" like Jim Cary in Ace Ventura when the slinky stops right at the bottom of the stairs to the monk's temple in the mountains? Ya know what I'm talking about?
PART 2 of Day 5:
Onyx bowls! These beautiful babies came from the same place as my onyx lamp. I'll just let you take a look. I won't judge you if you drool... I would.

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  1. I love the green in your butter dish and S/P shakers - so pretty! The marble bowls look right at home too!