Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mirror Mirror... on the floor?

Day 3:  Mexican Metal Floor Mirror
You might remember the mirror that used to be in our bedroom:
It was very nice. And I liked it bunches. But who wouldn't pass it up for this beauty! 
My sister-in-law had one in Mexico and I couldn't take my eyes off it when we visited. My very awesome Mother-in-Law got one for me before they moved. {Remember when I said I was the most spoiled daughter-in-law ever? Well you can say it again}

I sold the cherry wood mirror today on CL. I bought it for $25. It is $85 brand new at Target. I sold it for right about in between. Not a bad deal huh? So going back to that post, it should have been titled: A {Bomb-Digity} Find.

It also matches the pewter frame my {again very awesome} mother-in-law gave us for our wedding. 

Oh, and I wasn't going to include this last picture, but Chris said, "You don't look dorky. That's your 'what up' face."

So there you go... "what up awesome mirror"


  1. She forgot to mention the "girl you look super cute" part right in between "dorky." and "that's".

  2. I'm so glad that you like it! Did you have to get different screws/bolts? Cameo's weren't long enough and there were no bolts...

  3. They're long enough... you just have to really go at it. It might be easier with longer ones. And mine did have nuts.

  4. I'm diggin' the pose...and the mirror!!

  5. I'm diggin' the funness of our bomb diggity pilon!