Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rocking Lamp

Day 4: Onyx Lamp
Not only is this lamp rocking awesome... it is made out of rock! You can't really appreciate how cool the lamp is until you can touch it... but it still looks pretty sweet in pictures. The place my Mom got this sweet thang actually does have a pretty great website. Really, you should take a look. They make some amazingly awesome things.

Here's a little taste of other things on their website {in case you didn't look}. Chris's mom got herself a bathroom sink... talk about amazing right? I can't wait to put up a picture of that! And check out that chandelier! Whew! Just plain awesome.


  1. Tellez is a wonderful store... two floors full of incredible marble and onyx items just south of Puebla, Mexico. I was so glad we got to go one more time before leaving, and picking up treasures for my Pilon and Jenise made it even more fun!

  2. Oh, that lighting fixture I sent with you is also made from stone, can't remember if it's marble or onyx!