Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cool Points to the MAX

Day: 2 Rustic, Awesome Mirror of Roses

I love "cool points". Anything that is just plain awesome would qualify. I first talked about cool points with my Chuparosa Humming Bird {featured here}
Well I might have just outdone myself with this beautiful {totally awesome} mirror. Chris' Mom found an artist in Mexico that makes these beautiful mirrors {so all the cool points really should go to her...} 

Edit:  Hey, this is Chris.  Sommer's hub.  I saw a post by Jenny where she asked about the artist who made this mirror.  So I looked into it.  Well, our parents lived in Mexico city for a while and they went to an area to find Master Tinsmith Cecilio Hernandez 'Chilo'.  The guy is a world renouned tinsmith who lives in San Miguel de Allende.  However, he keeps his business very local.  Here's a video about Chilo: http://bcove.me/9djhzulj


  1. Can you post a link to the artist?

  2. There is no website; when I asked Chilo's son about it in their San Miquel shop, he explained that his dad did not want / need a website because he had enough work to do without it! I can post contact information for them when our shipment arrives in Hong Kong if interested, but you can find some of his mirrors on eBay also.

    We went to San Miquel because (1) it is renown as Mexico's most beautiful small town and is an incredible place to visit. We rented a villa with www.homeway.com and had a great time exploring San Miquel. (2) I saw one of Chilo's mirrors in a Mexico City mall, found out where it was made and decided that we had to go to San Miquel and get one! It was a lot less expensive than the mall too!

    BTW: I love your new wall and thanks for the Cool Points! :)

  3. Oh, I had the Botes make a huge tin rose mirror for over our couch in our new living room. I can't wait to hang it up in our new living room!! :)