Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Shower Gift {in a jiffy}

Someone help me, I saw on someones blog... at some point in time... a baby blanket that had something like: "eat. sleep. play. repeat." I'd like to link to it, but for the life of me, I could not find it again!
Anyways, I thought it was so cute. And when my {entirely awesome} good friend had a baby shower, I wanted to somehow recreate it. Me sewing it would probably be a disaster, but I thought I might be able to make something cute to hang on the wall. I always save "left-overs" from previous projects. These left-overs came from the backing of an armoire, and the scraps from a faux beam
I used to {with every project} print out on normal paper the words I wanted, then exacto them out and use the cut-outs as a one time stencil. Well that gets old really quick. So my husband talked me into making my own stencils. I have 4 different fonts made now {I just make them as I go} and they are so nice to use. It takes about 2 sheets to do the entire alphabet, along with 1-9. Get your own set from Amazon below.

While I was having fun on my {home made} craft table, my  husband decided he wanted to do a project along side me. He broke out a computer he is fixing for me and wanted to "share" my craft table. He slowly overtook my craft table until I had a small corner to work from...
I still think it turned out okay. It is hard to tell from the picture, but the words alternate white and light blue {hopefully to match her nursery}.


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  2. I love it! and it is perfect for my nursery- thanks a heap!