Sunday, January 2, 2011

{Double the storage space} Shelves

We've been planning on putting up more shelves in the laundry room since we moved in. There were already 2 shelves in the laundry room, we just wanted them to turn the corner and continue to the closet. It has definitely doubled the storage in our laundry room. I also took the opportunity to paint the laundry room.
Before {with only the shelves on the back wall}:

1. Shelf supports
I used 1x4 material because it matched what was already in place. The end cuts of the existing shelves were at an angle, so I cut my new 1x4's to match. I also puttied and sanded the seam. Since I could not locate my level at the time {happens to me more than I'd like to admit} I measured down from the ceiling to make sure my shelves would be even. 
One side of my new shelves would be well supported by the end wall. But the other end {that buts up against the existing shelf} needed a little help. I chose a Simpson Tie that would fit behind my 1x4, and also extend the length of my shelf. Before attaching the 1x4's to the wall, I secured the Simpson Tie to the back of the 1x4.

2. Turning the corner
Since the small closet wall only had 1 stud where I could secure the 1x4's to, I had to go at a 45 degree angle to catch the corner stud. It's not hard as long as you have a good countersink and long screws.

3. Attach shelving
One screw every 18" or so along the back of the shelf into the support would probably suffice, however, since I am my father's daughter, I screwed into the support about ever 8-10". Caulk EVERYWHERE including the shelf to the wall.

4. Paint
After pudding your screws and sanding them down {and after your caulk has set} you are ready to paint. {I also took this opportunity to paint the walls}. And "Tah-Dah"! Tons more shelving!

Total Cost: about $35

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