Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fan {Window} Shopping

So our ceiling fan... yeah let's talk about that one. It blows, literally. It works great, but it is ugly. Something like the one below:

So I've been on the lookout for a {fantabulous} fan, for hopefully not a fortune. I actually bought a fan {on a whim from Home Depot} for $70. It was seriously good looking. I thought it was great. But I was nervous about why it was so cheap. So when I got home I looked up some reviews and it seemed like the fan's motor consistently broke down right out of warranty. Bummer, so I took the gorgeous {waste of $70} back. I learned that the cost of a fan isn't necessarily determined by its looks {which is usually a large contributing factor to what I shop for} but the price could indicate the quality of the motor inside.

I don't want to spend a fortune on a fan, but I want one that lasts. So I started looking elsewhere. Ebay. Manufacturers use Ebay to sell their "refurbished" fans. Refurbished could send lots of people looking elsewhere... but who better to refurbish a broken fan than the manufacturer who built it in the first place? Plus they sell the fans with a warranty. I found a fan I loved {should have gotten it, I know} for $125 that sold for over $400 retail. I'm still looking around... but eventually I'm going to take the dive, I'll for sure let you know how it goes. {oh, and p.s. almost all of the refurbed fans have free shipping}

Home Depot Price: $189
Ebay Price: $100

Home Depot Price: $159
Ebay Refurbished Price: $100

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