Monday, January 10, 2011

Bedroom Deck Out {Continued}

The bedroom has been a work in progress {thanks to Chris for putting up with the mess}. You can see in the below picture where we started {or here for the first installment post on decking out the bedroom}.
Pretty plain jane. So we added some {faux} board and batten and most importantly trimmed out the window! {please excuse the mess in the photos, it is still a work in progress}

Here {above} I've just got dust in my eye when Chris snapped this shot. We didn't really put trim on the inside of the window {see descriptive sketch below}. But to make it look like there was wood in there, I puttied/sanded to make the surface smooth.

Its starting to look pretty slick. I am excited to get all the touch up work done, get the room back to it's normal functioning self, and take some good pictures for you.
So I'm thinking, since there is now a LOT of green in the bedroom, of replacing my first {and slightly sorrowful} attempt at euro shams. I'm thinking of doing something fun in the goldish/creamish color. Something like the pillow from "Going Home to Roost". Super cute right? We'll see what happens, I have to get the room finished first! 
diy ruffle pillow


  1. I definitely think another accent color would brighten things up! Maybe gold or brown? = )

  2. Wow Sommer, it is looking fantastic! I love what you are doing in the bedroom! Can't wait to see the final accents and product!
    Love ya', Mom

  3. Super cute room! I wish we could do that kind of stuff to our apartment. And that I had your talented skills!

  4. I LOVE it! You are so talented! I found you over on the DIY Show-off. :)