Monday, January 3, 2011

Sneak Peak {Bedroom Deck Out}

So this weekend we found a KILLER deal on craigslist. We got all sorts of molding and trim from a home builder trying to clean out his shop. I couldn't wait to get going on our {less than fabulous} bedroom. Check out what it looked like in 2010.... 
Please notice below that the only trim around the window is the sill. Our "plain jane" scarf doesn't do much either...
So after a few sketches, and pouring over pictures previously found on the internet {and drooled over}we got to work. I was so rearing to go, my husband had to reminded me, "measure twice, cut once"... since I constantly try to get too much done it too little time. 

 What we wouldn't give for a finish nailer & an air compressor! Maybe my husband can get me that next year for Christmas... hint hint.

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