Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{Internet Cable} Woes

I wonder how many people have the same problems as us with their internet. Our internet comes into our office and no where else. Sure, we have a wireless router, but what about the devices that don't have wireless {example: x-box for watching netflix}? Yeah, you can buy wireless thingy-ma-bobs that bring wireless internet to different devices... but then you're paying for a different thingy-ma-bob for each device. Plus, when your connection determines the quality of picture you get streaming movies {something very much important to all men somehow} and a hard connection trumps wireless connections... well then you've got to go with the hard connection, right?

So here we are... with an internet cord running from our office into our living room. My brother {who just built a house} ran his own internet wire, had a bunch of cat5 left over.So we bought some from him, and while Chris was at work I prepared to run the wire. I used a dishtowel for a face mask {too lazy to go get one... yes}, I had a mag light in my mouth, a hoodie pocket full of tools, and I went to work in our attic. 

When we've finished the trim out {yeah, right now there are wires sticking out of our walls} I will show you the final result, I am very excited never to see that lovely internet cable running through our hall again.
The cable we used is similar to the below pictured cable. 

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