Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Home Fabrics,

I love you.
Love, Sommer

In need of curtains and some extra color in our bedroom {see here} I went to Home Fabrics to look for some fabric. Lets talk about TONS of fabric, and all of it is under $20 a yard {at least!}. Me? I stay with the under $4 a yard section, and theres A LOT of it.

You see over there on the left? The darker brown fabric? That is going to be my curtains. $3.50 a yard, good I know right?!
There in the middle with the 50% off tag on it? Yeah, that is going to bring some gold to our bedset {to offset all the green}. Want to guess? $3.00 a yard. 
I've never seen anywhere like Home Fabrics. They have SO MUCH to choose from, and you can always find just what you are looking for. I found almost the exact dark brown fabric in the first photo for $7.00 a yard {not too shabby in the first place, but I knew I could do better}. After searching for 10 minutes I found almost the exact fabric for 50% off... equals $3.50 a yard and one happy Sommer.

If only I was the seamstress that could really take advantage of all that wonderful fabric. I've started on the pillow shams and curtains and hopefully will get pictures up soon!

{Just so you can see some upholstery fabric prices, here are some from Amazon, keep in mind Amazon prices aren't too shabby either}


  1. I've seen the store in Idaho Falls and never thought to stop there. I just might have to go check it out now.

  2. Be careful, you'll fall in love for sure!

  3. The fabrics are very nice! I may have to tag along with you for a field trip next time I'm in town.... Dad will be worried.... bookstores and fabric stores are dangerous for his checkbook!!